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"I just have one small question. How did the planets come to be alive?"

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We gave Dana Keebler Fudge cookies for the first time. She calls them "donut cookies". I asked her what she thought about them after dinner.

Me: Did you enjoy your donut cookies?
Dana: Oh yes. Is Good.
Me: Can mommy have one?
Dana: No, you won't like them.

She did eventually agree that I could have one, but it took some coaxing.

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New Amazon notification today: "Based on your order history, we think it may be time to reorder stickers."

Is there a sticker's anonymous? Asking for a child.

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There's a baby gate resting behind the door to the office. It's been there forever, but Dana just noticed it for the first time.

Dana: What's this? A gate? To keep mommy in the office? Was shutting the door not working?

She will periodically declare "Mommy needs to work!" and push me towards the office. She does this mostly because she enjoys shutting the door afterwards.
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6,532 stickers later, we’re out of stickers again.

Someone has a 6 pack a day habit.

On Thursday we went through 11 packs of stickers. That's half of my "bulk" 1650+ sticker order in a single morning!
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We have another coder in the family! We introduced Nicole to scratch yesterday afternoon and she's spent nearly every waking minute since then building games.

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Parenting hack for when the house is a mess and you don't want to cook:

"You guys have been working so hard in school. We were thinking of doing a movie night, but there's not enough room by the TV."

The place has never been so spotless.

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"Mommy, will you be my friend?"

How can I say no to that? Guess I'm not getting anything done today after all.


My stress headache got so bad last night I needed to go to bed at 7:30pm, before Nicole. I really needed the rest, but now I’m even further behind.

330 days sheltering in place down, 116 days left until the end of remote learning.

Adding insult to injury, all three kids are feeling neglected. I feel like I'm failing on all fronts.


Someone keeps unzipping the couch cushions, hiding toys inside them and then closing them again. Today was the third time it's happened.
Me: Dana, did you do this?
Dana: uh huh. So no one touches toys. That makes Dana cry. *pouty face*

This is translated Dana speak. Initially she said "It makes Baby cry".


I am the medium sister

- Alexis

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« January 2021 »

We asked the kids to help tidy up their toys.

Alexis: Do you know who did the most cleaning? Nicole and Me.
Dana: I didn't!
Me: I'm very happy to hear that both you and Nicole helped clean up. Next time I hope Dana helps too.
Dana: No. Mess makes me happy.


The kids took a break from their game where they were pretending to be fairy princesses and butterfly princesses doing battle. Now they’re pretending to be bunny princesses and cheetah princesses doing battle.

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Dana making friends with a squirrel on this 317th day of quarantine.

Happy to be three!

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Alexis pretended to fall asleep in my lap today so I rocked her until she actually fell asleep. Now I’m trapped under a sleeping six year old. I did not think this through.

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Dana: Mommy, what you doing?
Me: I'm cleaning! Would you like to help?
Dana: Ok!

*Dana grabs a handful of my little ponies and takes them to the my little pony container. Than spots some my little ponies next to the box.*

Dana: What?!?! I just clean this!

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On the 305th day of quarantine my children gave to me... a laptop dropped on the hardwood floor.


The kids discovered their laptops' dictation feature yesterday and left me some messages:

Hi Mommy we miss you we want to have mommy time soon can we we love you so much to the core by by!

Hi Mommy I love you so much. I hope you love me too. happy had a fun weekend. I hope you had a good weekend. By.

Beauties okay Barbie q r s t u vLast flight b b c a b c d e f o p q r e w at y&z now I know my ABCs. Say hi.

(Nicole tells me Dana sang the ABCs)

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I’ve been experimenting with a new AI powered photo enhancing app - Remini.

Pros -
- works really well on faces, especially eyes. I experimented with the Jedi photos (low key, largely monochromatic), and the double exposures with the star background (high key, partial faces) and was very happy with the results.
- works very well on old iPhone photos, even with shadowed, pixilated faces.
- free 🙂 (after watching an ad)

Cons -
- no real tuning capability. I believe in the paid version you can pick between several different modes, but that’s it.
- tendency to over do it and look processed.
- teeth sometimes look weird. If you look at the bottom right of Dana’s mouth in the second photo, it almost looks like a dimple on the canine. I assure you there is no dimple in real life 🙂

Between Sharpen AI (the other tool I use for this) and Remini, I think Sharpen AI is a better tool to use for smaller issues because the results tends to look more natural, and Remini is better suited for photos traditionally thought of as “unfixable”.
Edited to show a crop of just the face so the differences would be more noticeable.

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